Yoga Burn Review

This Yoga Burn review is of a system created by Zoe Bray Cotton. It is a program designed exclusively for women to help them achieve an attractive, well toned and healthy body without the need to step into crowded studios. Zoe has made a name for herself in the yoga and fitness industry through her decade long work in some of the most celebrated North American gyms and yoga studios. Yoga Burn is the result of her accumulated knowledge through an illustrious and productive career where she worked with some of the top most professionals in fitness industry.

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How does it work?

The Yoga Burn system is a 12 week long program that comes with exclusive video and audio files to help women practice yoga in a structured manner right in the comfort of their homes. The unique selling point of this program is dynamic sequencing. Dynamic sequencing has been described as a unique approach to practicing yoga where the practitioner learns to properly execute each movement and poses while progressively adapting and increasing the challenge so that the body does not get used to the routine.

The human body responds best when it is constantly challenged and does not get into a set routine. The program utilizes this natural propensity of the human body through a 3 stage progressive yoga regimen so that you end up with a healthier, slimmer, and well toned feminine body.

How is this program structured?

As mentioned earlier, the Yoga Burn DVD set is progressive in nature, where the practitioner graduates from the base to the master level. The goal behind this three stage sequence, as explained above, is to make sure that your body, instead of getting too familiar with the exercise, is always responding to tweaks and increased level of challenges. Here are the three stages that the program requires you to undergo.

Stage 1 – Foundation stage

This is the basic stage where you would learn about foundational techniques of yoga, understand the importance of mindfulness, and practice poses and movements in a correct and safe manner.

Stage 2 – Transition stage

In this phase, you will learn how to combine the poses in the 1st phase into specific sequences that will eliminate problems areas in your body and improve your spirits.

Stage 3 – Master stage

This is the pinnacle phase of this program where your body shall be challenged with vigorous and challenging poses, and you would be expected to accomplish them through the knowledge and practice from earlier two stages.

Bonus program and other tips

In addition to the three tier structured course, users of this program will also benefit from the Tranquility Flow videos that are offered as a bonus. The Tranquility Flow videos are created specifically to lift your spirits up when you feel the need to de-stress. It helps you calm down, achieve a state of contemplative meditation, and relaxes both your body and mind.

In addition, users will also benefit from a tips and tools video that shares a lot of interesting, useful, and practical tips about the correct way to go through yoga. Finally, for those who wish to use this program even while away from their TV screens, there is an audio file, available free of cost, that can be saved on mobile phones and MP3 players.

Yoga Burn


1) Professionally structured

The structured routine in the Yoga Burn video means that it is great for women with varying exposure to yoga poses. The program assumes no prior knowledge on the part of the user and helps them graduate upwards in a structured and safe manner.

2) Focused in nature

Unlike several yoga instruction videos that have flooded the market, this program ensures that you do not have to suffer the same poses and movements without a clue about where you are going. The focused and structured nature of this program helps you track your own progress in a more holistic manner.

3) Considerably cheap compared to studios

You would only have to pay one time fee to enjoy life long access to a complete yoga program. Compared to expensive yoga studios that burn a hole in your wallet, you can reap rich rewards without wrecking your finances. Their 60-days money back guarantee further ensures that you do not lose any money if the results are not satisfactory.

4) Easy to practice

You can practice this program right at your home at the time of your choosing. No need to drive over to the studio or tweak your daily schedule to accommodate studio timings.


While this is far from a criticism, there is no doubt that Yoga Burn is a program designed mostly with beginners in mind. In other words, advanced practitioners of yoga may not benefit as much from this course.


If you are a woman with a desire for a healthy and toned body, then there is no problem in trying out Yoga Burn. The program is well suited for working women as you can practice it at the time of your choosing. With their generous 60-day money back guarantee, there is no fear of losing money either if you do not see any visible benefits from this program.