Get In Shape With Yoga

We are the creatures of the modern 21st century. Our day begins with a coffee, continues in front of computer and ends with swollen puffy red eyes. Our lifestyle choices are not very healthy with very less or no time for exercise. Hence undoubtedly a majority of the 21st century creature suffer from obesity. This excessive fat deposit in our body not only hinders our day-to-day activities but also creates a serious risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and several other heart diseases.

Well is there any way we can reduce these risks? Of course we can, by following a good diet and exercising regularly. Jogging, running, cycling, swimming ; there are a number of exercises we can do to improve ourselves. But alas the 21st century modern man has no time to invest for such activities. Is there an alternative to these tedious boring exercises which can be done in a minimum time and fetches the maximum result? There is a traditional practice which involves twisting, turning and stretching your body and this age old practice is about 5000 years old. If the 21st modern century man has not guessed it yet , it is Yoga.

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word yuj and it means union of an individual consciousness and soul. If you thought that Yoga is just turning and stretching your body in complex ways, you are wrong. These are just the superficial aspects of this age-old tradition. Yoga is a means of connecting with your inner-self. But what do you have to do with all this jargon. The 21st century man is in no mood to go through such a long article and waste his time. Well lets jump right into it.

There are many asanas in yoga which are specifically designed to lose fat from your body. These asanas hardly take 15 minutes and also give quick results than the boring running and jogging method. These asanas target specific hotspots of fat like belly, thigh and hips. There are also special asanas which target areas like facial fat, neck, arms etc. One more advantage of doing of yoga is that it stimulates the hormonal gland of the body like thyroid and pancreas. These hormones regulate blood flow, improve digestion and increase the overall hormonal balance of the body.

Asanas like halasana (plow pose), utkatasana (chair pose) and dhanurasana (bow pose) target areas like stomach, thigh, glutes and hips. These position not only reduces the fat around these but also tones them, increases metabolism and promote calorie burn. Moreover they increase the internal temperature of body and speeds up the heart. Asanas like bhekasna (frog pose) and veerbhadrasana (warrior pose) promote right posture and stature of the body.

Seemhasnam (lion pose) targets face and neck fat. The best part of doing yoga is that it is very easy to do, requires no equipment and hardly takes 15 minutes of your time. And its effects are permanent. Isn’t it a little ironic that something which was created several centuries back holds apt even in modern time, So what’s the 21st century man waiting for. Go grab your mat and connect with your inner-self.